You save money. We all save the environment.


It's as simple as knowing how to use energy wisely.

With our Energy Champion partners, Valley Innovative Energy Watch (VIEW) is taking the lead in energy efficiency and conservation. We collaborate with Pacific Gas and Electric CompanySouthern California Edison, Southern California Gas Company, the San Joaquin Clean Energy Organization, and the local governments in Tulare County and Kings County to help our communities become more energy efficient - saving one watt at a time. 

We set examples by implementing changes to local government buildings, showing the community just how easy it is to make a change - and how great the savings can be!

To help you become more energy efficient, we pool our resources to offer South Valley residents and businesses incentives and rebates. Simply put, when you use energy wisely, you save money and the environment. We need you - the homeowner, renter, student, senior citizen, small business owner or employee - to save to make it possible for us all to view the savings.

We research, inspire and implement best practices throughout participating local governments to set examples for homes and businesses in our area. By empowering local governments with a solid understanding of their energy usage, we encourage and equip them with the resources to surpass energy goals set in a local plan. Local leaders are engaged with energy challenges and tiered incentives from participating utilities within the VIEW Partnership.

“Knowing what is being spent, where and why - that is a necessity for any smart planning to take place.”
— Courtney Kalashian, VIEW Project Manager


Connecting you with a brighter energy future.

VIEW is proud to connect our communities with money saving resources, energy efficiency tips, engaging programs and events. With each group or individual we can motivate to use energy wisely, we are one watt closer to saving money and the environment. 


The VIEW Partnership

How it works in our communities


Local Governments

Our key allies in creating more sustainable communities because of their unique position to impact the public.

Our focus:

  • Energy efficiency in the building retrofit and management of facilities (buildings, street lights, fleet vehicles)

  • Support for efficiency and sustainability in community planning, building codes and permits

  • Training for community leaders on best practices and conservation tips

Local Businesses & Homeowners

Community outreach dedicated to bring our resources  directly to your door step.

Our focus:

  • Energy efficiency best practices and conservation tips through the seasons and overall year

  • Rebates, savings, incentives and informational and resources

  • Community events that offer energy-saving tips, training and solutions

Our Partners